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a free web portfolio for visual artists
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Modern & Contemporary Artists and Art (user's pictures) Go New England
ArtChain provides a searchable directory of artists, art guilds, galleries and art groups throughout the United States and Canada



Locations: On Sale and On Display


 There are a few places nearby that have some of my photographs on display and for sale. They all have great food and are highly recommended. Here is a link to some of their locations or websites.

Stephy's Kitchen
41 Beckford St,
Beverly, MA



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 A few credits are due for some of the software and services that I have used to create this website. Some of the open source stuff has been mashed and mangled by me, the plan is to post links here for those changes.




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Virus and "threat" scans. Everything that is put on this site is scanned before it is uploaded.


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There are different ways to browse the photographs, the Map view is good place to begin. To browse by album category use the ALBUM GALLERY pages (cookies and java required) or browse by the THUMBNAIL Index pages to see scenes of New England, Red Fox Kits and more. Google Map
Take a quick tour, click a mark, open a picture. The Gallery is right here when you're done.



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North Shore Places

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Ruby Throated Hummingbirds

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Red Fox Kits at Play

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Porsches at Lime Rock Park

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Lotus Flowers

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