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About the Photographs and Prints

The Equipment
I have used a few different cameras over the years: some have plain just worn out, others have been semi-retired. Some cameras that I have enjoyed the pictures from have been the simple 35mm disposables that fit in the briefcase while traveling for business. Film still has it's advantages although the digital gives me full control over the complete process.

 This is a listing of what I have used for the photographs on this website. Some of these are no longer used. The listing is in no way an endorsement for any particular brand or manufacturer.

  • Canon AE1, Canon 70-200mm Zoom, Canon 50mm fixed

  • Olympus E-10, Olympus Wide Adaptor, Olympus 1.75 Tele Adaptor

  • Canon Rebel xti 400D, Canon 100-400mm Zoom, Canon 18-55mm Zoom, Phoenix 75-300mm Zoom


 For filters I generally use a UV to protect the lens glass and also will use a circular polarizer on occasion.

  The Prints
 Prints now offered for sale are done on Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper by an outside shop. This traditional type of photo printing lasts for decades when framed and protected. Larger prints, done by request only, are printed with Epson archive grade materials and coated for longevity.
 Cropping to fit off the shelf mats has been performed on the prints in The Gallery Shop. Custom fitting can be difficult occasionally so the idea was to make those prints ready to frame. The large prints, such as a panorama,  can be more than 40" wide.  Please use the contact links to request information about the larger sized prints.

 I hope you enjoy my work. 
 Joe Carver


  Link to Hummingbird Photo shoot info. 


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All Images Copyright ©2001-2008 Joseph Carver

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