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"To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of the arts." 
Henry David Thoreau


I desire to improve the quality of the day with what I do, humbly inspired by those who are better and those who have gone before me.

  A camera had always been comfortable in my hands for many years shooting pictures from Formula One races, which was lots of fun  to circuit boards and machine parts which was also technically challenging, but uninspiring. In the fall of 2000 nature was firmly established as the subject of choice. Within a year the experiences and results were positive and the urge to shoot had taken hold. By that time the old 35mm manual had worn thin and needed a backup, the addition of a digital camera made exploration and experimentation much more available to me.   

  To my delight the area where I live has a wide variety of subjects to offer. Occasionally I need only to step outside the door to find something nice or interesting to photograph as a single shot or series. The hummingbird and fox series were shot in my yard. The abstract series "Cold Canvas Harsh Light" started across the street when the sun dappled light across freshly fallen snow. Weeks later I was still out wading through snowdrifts in the woods to find what pleased my eye. I am just as eager searching the coastline for a place where the full moon will rise to waiting  hours on end for a hummingbird to fly across a well lit spot. 

  Finding natural light and how it works is my constant quest. Of course some of those finds are by serendipity, more than once I have turned away from a scene in disappointment to find behind me something enchanting. I strive to capture those exceptional moments the way they looked in my imagination and eyepiece so that when someone sees my work it speaks for the moment, for itself and for me.

   As the seasons turn here in New England new subjects await my lens as do the old and familiar. Every returning spring is different from the previous one, the sun and moon rise and set at a new place on the horizon every day and the light is always changing. For now I will be chasing the moon as it travels over the water, try to keep current with the colors now emerging from winter's dull mask and attempt more indoor shots using only natural light.

 I hope you enjoy my work. 
 Joe Carver
 Topsfield, MA USA




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